My name is Heléna Adelmann. I’m a an artist and I’m a photographer – all in one. A photography friend once told me that the definition about being a professional photographer is when you sell your work. I do – so from that moment I guess I can call myself a professional photographer as well. But I am also an artist, because photography is not a ”job” for me .. it is so much more than this. I consider photography to be an incredible creative process. I am much more interested in revealing my feelings for what I see in the world around me, than simply documenting what I see. It’s all about the feelings.

For me, photography has came into my life very late but like a storm wind. But with such an impact, that most things in my life nowadays has to do with photography. I carry my camera most of the time, and when I can’t – I get frustrated because of ”lost” photo opportunities. This is not a ”job” – it is a dedication, it is a way of expressing myself, an extension of all what I have inside. It’s my heart, it’s my soul. And it is this dedication and incredible passion that is the key to my photography – the key to the magic. I ”think” in pixels …  The world is performing in front of my eyes – and I react, with my camera. I answer to what I see, with my lenses and with my love to that what I see around me. And it is in every way true, that I love the world so much more since I see it through my lenses. I see little details, that I never paid attention to before. It is – as if I discover the world again. A if a world in black and white suddenly turns into a world with all the colors of the rainbow. I appreciate the little things. And though I am a stressed person in my normal life, when I have my camera in my hand, the time looses it’s relevance … and I can relax in a way that I am never able to do otherwise.
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