Welcome to my guestbook. Please leave a line or two with some feedback and a big thank you for your visit and your interest. This photographical website will be continuously updated so please stop by again.

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  14. Roger skriver:

    Snyggt, du har verkligen fotoblick. Dina blommor är fantastiska!

  15. Jesus Medina skriver:

    Your photos are beautiful and stunning. I enjoy viewing them.

  16. Karen Botvin skriver:

    Your photos are such an inspiration! I, too, have found photography late in life. I needed a challenge after I retired and found the world of beauty in photography.

  17. Ratda Yimsangob skriver:

    wonderful Job , I am so happy to found you website .

  18. Orit Gafni skriver:

    Dear Helena – what can be more joyful than to see all your pictures together! You know I am addicted to the beauty and style of your works – they have the special aroma of your talent and good taste. All that combined with the stylish design of your website – I’ll coming back for a virtual visit!

  19. Wonderful photos Helena !!!

  20. Carlyn and Brittany Eisenegger skriver:


    These photos are beautiful! I can’t wait to see what you capture at Butchart Gardens! It was lovely to have shared breakfast with you and Detlef. If you ever find yourselves in Seattle please let us know.

    Carlyn and Brittany (your breakfast company in Victoria)

  21. TJ skriver:

    Hi Heléna,

    I enjoy your artwork and your website. Keep up the great work!


  22. auf optioner skriver:

    bra hemsida, tack

  23. Ingrid Thim skriver:

    Helena, det spelar ingen roll vilket album man tittar i… du har det i blodet, i ögonen, i händerna men framförallt i hjärtat…. varje bild är fulladdad med kärlek. Underbart!

    • Helena skriver:

      Tack snälla Ingrid för de underbara orden. Det betyder väldigt mycket för mig att höra så fina ord från en annan duktig fotograf. Tack snälla…

  24. Jackie Phillips skriver:

    When we discover something for which we feel such passion and love, our ”heartlight” shines through so effortlessly, as it does in your photography. It is a privilege to be able to view your work; so full of wonder, beauty, and inspiration! I am happy to know you…and so happy for you!

    • Diane Strunk skriver:

      Hi Helena,
      Wonderful website! I enjoyed so much seeing much of your work in one spot! There were some lovely pictures I had not seen before, especially of the flowers.
      I am so glad to have found this site! I will be following for new submissions.

    • Helena skriver:

      Dear Jackie,
      Thank you from my heart for your beautiful words. It is true that I have a tremendous passion for what I do and I am so very happy that it sometimes shines through a little and touches. I am the happiest to hear this … I am also priviliged and so happy to know you.

  25. Monica skriver:

    När vinterns långa dagar avlöses av sommarsolens ljusa sken, öppnas ängens alla grindar och man känner doften av jasmin och syren. En kavalkad av form av färger påverkar oss i stort som smått, liksom dina underbara bilder som i själen nu gör så gott.

    För en stund vi vinter o kyla kan glömma. Och om en vår och sommar genom dina bilder drömma. Fjärilar och fåglar av olika slag, harmonerar med de vackra blommor som du plåtat har.

    Fylld av glädje och energi, inspiration och harmoni, reser jag vidare i dina alster här för jag såg att hösten också ligger dig så kär //M

    • Helena skriver:

      Dina ord är lika vackra som dina bilder … poesi på hösta nivå. Tack snälla Monica för dina vackra ord och tankar … Jag är otroligt glad att du är min vän och dina bilder inspirerar mig mycket och ger mig så mycket glädje och skönhet. Tack snälla för dessa underbara rader. Kramar Heléna

  26. Monica Dahl skriver:

    Jag tog en resa, det blev tur och retur, bland alla dina underbara bilder. Jag besökte Paris, tog en kopp kaffe i Mont Martre och studerade alla konstnärer med uppfällda stafflin, som gjorde sig redo att åstadkomma något vackrare än dina bilder. OMÖJLIGT, säger jag. Färgerna dom har på sin paljett, visionen dom har i sitt huvud, kan aldrig mäta sig med det du kan åstadkomma med din kamera och din redigering. Magnifikt.

    Jag reste vidare till New York. Här har jag varit förut men inte sett det genom dina ögon. Det härliga Central Park som mjukar upp själen och som får hjärtat att sjunga av glädje. Så fint du fångat det. Sån känsla som verkligen berör. Åhhh vill inte gå därifrån, men jag måste ju titta mer. Du har så mycket Helena och så underbara bilder.

    Jag gör ett litet stopp här, måste låta detta sjunka in. Jag lämnar för dagen, men återkommer snart igen. Lika ressugen, lika hungrig efter nya vackra vyer och sådana som bara vår Helena kan leverera. Kram

  27. Martina skriver:

    Excellent site and photos dear Heléna 🙂

  28. Thomas Johansson skriver:

    Really a nice website Heléna! Great shots! You are a true artist!

  29. Patrizia Coro skriver:

    Helena your photos are firstly beautiful, secondly inspiring. You are talented and have a wonderful eye and skill. Thanks for sharing with us all. Keep on clicking!!!

  30. Fraida Gutovich skriver:

    Helena……your passion and love for what you do is evident in every one of your glorious images! What a pleasure it is to view your body of work and know how heartfelt you are about your craft and the opportunity to share your view of the world with us! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  31. Susanne Paykowski skriver:

    Helena, i feel funny, i could leave a ” like ” on every single photograph of yours – so BEAUTYful they are ! They feel so peaceful and silent – you must have found your golden middle, to be able to see ( and to catch ) the world like you do ! Thank you so much for sharing your outstanding work with us and for making our world a better one.

    • Helena skriver:

      A big thank you for your wonderful words Susanne. I will try to be more active on my homepage and will load up some winter fairytale photos. I hope you will like. Have a happy new year 2015.

    • grace skriver:

      You’re an inspirational artist. Thank you so much for sharing.

  32. Yasne Yanovich skriver:

    Hello dear Helena, I reegard you from Croatia. I am recently your fun. I will ad much more comments the text time, because of šersonal tehnical staf P.s. I like your photos, indeed … Have a nice day ! 🙂

  33. Ingrid Thim skriver:

    Hej Helena!
    Jag tittar ofta in på din sida och njuter av vad jag ser. Du är en mycket skicklig fotograf och dina foton är ”fullmatade” med känsla. Tack för att du delar med dig av det sköna.
    Med vänlig hälsning Ingrid

    • Helena skriver:

      Hej Ingrid,

      Fantastiskt roligt att läsa dina fina ord och framför allt att du ofta tittar in – det är ju det man drömmer om och önskar allra mest. Nu gjorde du min kväll litet gladare. Stort tack för att du tog dig tid att skriva och för de fina orden. Önskar dig en fin kväll.

      Varma hälsningar,

  34. Silvia Marchetti skriver:

    Congratulations dear Hélena. Wonderful work!

  35. Lili Palet skriver:

    Dear Helena, your website is so beautiful!!! Congrats!!! I wish you the best… Greetings, Lili

  36. Jan Botha skriver:

    Every photo you take radiates your personal connection with the
    image on your view finder. Your feeling and touch for detail is distinctive and you manage to transform every ordinary scene into a work of art. Congratulations with this beautiful website. Groete uit Suid Afrika!

    • Helena skriver:

      Jan, many thank’s for your kind words. I feel very connected to myself when I am out with the camera and I am truly happy that this reveals in my photos. Groete uit Sweden to you …

  37. Cynthia Rawlins skriver:

    Helena, your work is Amazing, you inspire and create emotion with every photo you take. I have admired your talent for quite awhile and it’s obvious your work commands the world to invite your perspective and beauty into their homes. All the BEST!

    • Helena skriver:

      Thank you so very much dear Cynthia. Your words are highly appreciated. It’s a great feeling to know that my pictures are appreciated. Wishing you a nice day and week …

  38. Ana Nya skriver:

    Hello Helena….your website is indeed very inspiring..I love it a lot and it inspires me a lot….your portfolio is really wonderful and beautiful and simple yet breathetaking…i love most the To Paris with love, it is very classic and candid…and real…and somewhat historic the hues and vibrant are so good…And Floral Dreams is also amazing pictures taken like from storybook very magical and enticing it knocks my imagination…keep it up 🙂 xoxo—Ana

    • Helena skriver:

      Hello Ana and thank you so very much for your truly inspiring and warm words. I am so happy for your feedback. I love Paris very, very much and it’s hard to beat the inspiration felt walking around those beautiful places with the camera … and flowers, maybe the deepest passion of all for me. I see them talk, I see them dance .. I can see a complete world – in a single flower. Thank you again … your comment made me truly happy.

  39. Laure Baraton skriver:

    Incredible work. So nice to live again your happiness and your photographic talent among all these beautiful pictures. All the best for your magical world…

    • Helena skriver:

      Thank you from my heart Laure. You are a part of my photographical history from the beginning and for that I am so grateful and happy. Thank you also for having showed some of the most beautiful spots to me, which has resulted in some of my very best images. I hope so much that you too will see an exhibition one day… that would mean a lot to me …

  40. Gusti Yogiswara skriver:

    Large monitor doesn’t cut it to show your beautiful images, H! I’m going to visit your exhibition someday!

    • Helena skriver:

      Gusti you were one of my very first photographical friends and a big inspiration. You are so special to me because you are not only tremendously talanted .. but also very honest and kind. I hope you will come .. and I will come to yours. Thank you so very much my friend.

  41. Vicki Danielson skriver:

    This is a beautiful website! I love all your wonderful photos in it. You are a true artist.
    My very best to you, ~~~Vicki~~~

  42. Orit Gafni skriver:

    Dear Helena, you are a truely talented artist! Each one of your creations is a real piece of gold, a joy to the eye and to the soul!

    • Helena skriver:

      Thank you so very much dear Orit for your wonderful words. To get such compliments from an artist as talanted as you means a lot to me. Wishing you a wonderful weekend and again thank you.

  43. Peter Szymanski skriver:

    Excellent site and a lot of beautiful pictures, congrats Helena!

  44. Melissa Ferguson skriver:

    You have the rare ability to bring me into you photo’s and allow me to feel all the emotion of a particular scene. Your photography is refreshing and timeless.

  45. Martin Sebek skriver:

    Hej Helena,
    Du gör väldigt fina och speciella bilder. Jag är ingen expert men jag har alltid gillat bilder och att ta bilder. Jag vet inte om du kommer ihåg men jag hade foto labb i Ceclias föräldrars bastu

    • Helena Adelmann skriver:

      Haha, Martin … jag tror jag minns att du gillade att ta bilder .. men inte VAR du hade ditt fotolabb 😉 !!!! Tack för dina ord – de värmer !!! Du ska veta att jag har halva källaren fylld med ramar från ”ditt företag” !!! Ha det så bra och tack för besöket ….

  46. Dan Abatelli skriver:

    We make a good team when you come to NYC. I show you the sites and you capture the sights. Give it your all!

    • Helena Adelmann skriver:

      Yes, we sure are !!! And I am so happy for all the interesting things you have shown !! I will make an album here from New York … as soon as I am ready with my exhibition next weekend in Linköping. I have so much you can’t imagine from NY !!! Thank’s so much for the visit Dan …

  47. Edmond Valerio skriver:

    Congratulations on your beautiful website with all your wonderful photos.Thank you too for sharing all your lovely photos dear Helena !!!

  48. nicole rogemond skriver:

    vos photos sont de magnifiques tableaux
    Merci HELENA

  49. Jim Luhning skriver:

    Beautiful work Helena! Your talents are amazing, and I wish You the best of Luck! Love & Peace

  50. Gwen Gibbons skriver:

    BRAVO, Heléna!! Your website is beautiful. Your words are beautiful – as I say over and over again, thank you for sharing your art, your vision, your heart, and your journey with all of us. Greg and I are so happy to have spent a couple of days with you, to see the hard work (carrying the equipment!) and magic that is your photography. This is just the beginning…. 🙂

    • Helena Adelmann skriver:

      Gwen … Three of my best friends in the photography world in a row here in my guest book .. I am so lucky to have this treasure .. the words from you and my favorite friends. And you and Greg .. who I since this summer consider my real friends. It means the world to me .. thank you from my <3

  51. It had to happen 🙂 …. you blew up the limits and jumped out as super professional photographer my dearest friend …. It’s wonderful to see your beautiful pictures gathered here …. jumping from picture to picture and feel the joy of recognition and some brand new exciting stuff …. A huge congratulations hug and every happiness in your future photo process <3<3<3

    • Helena Adelmann skriver:

      Now I am back – and NOW I can thank you here on my page Anne-Brigitte. Your words are like balm and I am so happy for your words. I cannot take the credit for how this homepage turned out .. I had fantastic help from a very talanted and creative person (company) who helped me .. so my pictures got the best ”framing” possible. I am very happy – and touched about your words my dear friend. Thank you so much <3 <3 <3

  52. Mike Pickard skriver:

    Your photos are outstanding and are very enjoyable to gaze upon.

  53. PictSchaer.ch skriver:

    Nice page – great pics! Gratulations from PictSchaer.ch

  54. Aladdin Malgapo skriver:

    This website is long overdue of your talent and great work in photography, Helena. Your photographs are truly outstanding and we always see and feel you in your photographs, your great sensiblities and visions of this great passion.
    Congratulations for this wonderful website of your artistry. We really enjoy looking your pictures and inspire us….Bravo!

    • Helena Adelmann skriver:

      You are one of my best friends in the photography world Aladdin and your words means so very much to me – as your support. I am so very happy to read your kind comment here … it’s a big treasure having friends like you. Thank you from my heart.

  55. Sarah Vinall skriver:

    Amazing photographs and a very professional site. I have enjoyed them – thank you. Lets see some more!! Sarah

  56. Vincent Jansson skriver:

    Ren, snygg och seriös. Mycket bra Helena. All fortsatt lycka till dej.

  57. Tamrutai Tonrudee skriver:

    You photos are wonderful. I’m so impressed 🙂 Good luck Helena 🙂

  58. Heather McCann skriver:

    Well done my friend – so proud of you

  59. keith boulter skriver:

    bravo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. José Antonio Vidaña skriver:

    Dear Heléna, this is a wonderful site that dignify your splendid work. It´s real gift for all of us to know that now we can get to this celebration of beauty anytime we want. Thank you so much and I´m shure this will be a great success for you!! Abrazo!! Ü

    • Helena Adelmann skriver:

      I’m so very happy to read your kind words … thank you so much. You are not only very kind but approaching your photography with lot’s of warmth and humor .. thank you dear friend …abrazos !!!

  61. Greg Gibbons skriver:

    Stunning work from beginning to end. Over and over again I see your photos and marvel at your ability to find such poignant beauty everywhere. I’m glad your show was so successful, but I knew it would be. You have dozens of photos I’d like to have!

    • Helena Adelmann skriver:

      Auuw… thank’s so very much dear Greg !!! I’m more than happy and proud to read your comment and even more happy to know you and Gwen as my real friends now .. miss you both and your are always welcome here …

  62. Katherine Kirwan skriver:

    So beautiful sweetie!!!! Love it!!!!

  63. Yvonne Bechar skriver:

    Of couse this is a wonderful idea sharing your much loved & appreciated art. Good Luck in all your endevours, Love your work

  64. Yvonne Bechar skriver:

    Dear Helena, Of couse this was a wonderful idea sharing your much loved & appreciated art for everyone to enjoy!! Good Luck in all your endevours 🙂

  65. So nice to see your work on your own website been displayed, your work is a real credit to you , beautiful imagery and great designed website , keep up the great work , and wish you all the best for your future plans

  66. tikhon skriver:

    Excellent site, congrats Helena!

  67. Grace skriver:

    Looking through your ‘eyes’ gives me a new and wonderful perspective on the world. Thank you for that gift.


  68. Gerry Mechan skriver:

    Congratulations on your exhibitions etc. I love your site and images…..

  69. Md Zulkifli skriver:

    Love all your photos.Hundred thumbs up!!!

  70. Gusti Yogiswara skriver:

    I’m not good with words but i’d ditto as Laure said 🙂 Lots of success to you, Helena.

  71. Laure Baraton skriver:

    It’s always a great pleasure to write our happiness when we are seeing your website and your wonderful work. I have known you two years ago with this passion of the photography and this envy to go still more far with always this artistić emotion. And now I can tell and write all the way that you made for arriving here with your exhibition and this website. A great evolution in your photography with so beautiful things and a lot of love in each picture. I’m so happy and proud to see you here… and also to share this incredible passion with you. Heléna, I wish you a lot of succes on your way. Continue to give us this happiness with you photos…

    • Helena Adelmann skriver:

      Thank you from my heart for your words Laure. You have made almost the entired photographical journey together with me and you have helped me and been supportive when I have been doubting and weak .. and you have always believed in me and I thank you – for being both a photographer friend – and a really dear friend to me … thank you from my heart….

  72. Leif Gunnarsson skriver:

    Bra, rent och snyggt. Portfolion enkel och överskådlig. About, hmm, intressant och bra skrivet, men kanske lite lång 🙂
    Blir kanon det här!

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